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Honor Flight (2012)

Genre: Documentary/Drama/War/HistoryStarring: (various)

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Honor Flight is a movie that follows four brave WWII veterans during their trip to Washington D.C. for the flight of their lives. This program allows veterans from across the United States to fly to D.C to be honored by the memorial that was built in their honor. The organization predicts that 800 WWII Veterans die each day, so their mission is to take as many Veterans as possible to the memorial. Joe, Harvey, Orville and Julian are all Veterans who fought during WWII. Some of them fought in the Pacific and some of them were in the East fighting in Europe. As the movie develops, it is clear that these men made distinct contributions to the War and it becomes more apparent that they need to be honored. This movie is touching, funny, but more than anything else, you walk away knowing that these men not only survived to see US soil again, but they saved the world.
 Rating: 9/10
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