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W. (2008)

Genre: Drama/Biography/Historical Event
Starring: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks, James Cromwell, Ellen Burstyn, Thandie Newton, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeffrey Wright, Scott Glenn, Toby Jones, Bruce McGill
George W. Bush was probably one of the most controversial, joked about and hated US President in modern history. His take on Iraq and Afghanistan as well as his foreign policies on Middle-Eastern countries has long been debated and not always considered to be in the best interest of the American citizens. George Bush Jr. (Brolin) was born and brought up in a political family. His father, George H. W. Bush (Cromwell), was a senator and eventually became the 41st President of the United States of America. George was never known for his dedication and focus in his youth and was a heavy smoker and an alcoholic. His life was in a complete disarray for quite some time with him not able to get a secure career and depending far too much on his father and his political background. From there on, it was history. Being a Texas boy, Bush had a typical way of talking and walking and was often labelled as the ‘Cowboy President’ for his brash behavior. The movie seemed to have poked fun at George Bush but not in a humorous way but a more subtle, sarcastic and multi-layered manner. The movie also reveals how Bush took the call to bomb Iraq simply with motive of tapping into it’s oil reserves and on unverified intelligence information. The movie focuses on Bush’s life as a college boy right up to the Iraq war and includes many aspects of his personal as well as professional life. It does not seem to be a very serious take on his life and the movie seems to have been made with half-hearted efforts. Not the best movie to watch on Bush but still very informative.
Thumbs up: Josh Brolin’s impeccable performance of George Bush
Thumbs down: Not a very serious take on his life
Rating: 6.3/10
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