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American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005)

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Starring: Eugene Levy, Tad Hilgenbrink, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Earles, Crystle Lighting, Mat Barr, Jun Hee Lee
In continuation to the American Pie movie series, the fourth installment sees a revision in cast and the brother of Steve Stiffler coming on as the main protagonist. Matt Stiffler (Hilgenbrink) wants to be just like his brother and aims at getting into making spy movies of college girls, again, just like his brother. His misbehavior at school sees him getting assigned to band camp, a boring and dull annual festival where the bands of various colleges battle it out for the ultimate victory. Elyse (Kebbel) is the band lead and also the very person against whom Matt had tried playing a prank and got sent to band camp in the first place. Matt is finding it extremely hard to fit in between the bandies and decides to make a spy movie with the help of his dorm mate, Ernie (Earles). With a revision in star cast and the lack of any decent storyline, the movie fails on almost all aspects. It lacks outright humour and any form of entertainment and fails to live up to the American Pie brand name. If you’re expecting the fun that the previous movies had showcased then you are badly off the mark.
Thumbs up: Nothing specific
Thumbs down: More humour and a better story
Rating: 5.0/10
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