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European Vacation (1985)

Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Drama

Starring: Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Dana Hill, Jason Lively
The Griswold family is back again, and this time they are on an European vacation. When Clark Griswold (Chase) and his family win a trip across Europe via their Pig in a Poke gaming show victory, it was a dream come true, only for Clarke. His son Rusty (Lively) and daughter Audrey (Hill) are not quite keen on the trip but are forced to come along on their parents’ insistence. The trip turns out to be a string of unfortunate events. Under-promised hotel accommodations, car accidents, stolen cameras, a dog falling off the Eiffel Tower, Ellen (D’Angelo) being featured in a pornographic movie and a lot more. Sadly though, the movie fails to live up to any humorous expectations and can get quite boring. A stretched story line and nothing interesting to throw up makes the movie fall flat on its face. There seems to be little difference between this movie and the previous one in terms of the storyline. Both of them are based on the same Griswolds having a similar travel experience and with similar catastrophe. The movie fails to live up to the entertainment levels that the previous movie gave us and seems like a bad attempt at recreating the old magic.
Thumbs up: Nothing exceptional
Thumbs down: Bad humour, monotonous
Rating: 5.0/10
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