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Courage Under Fire (1999)

Genre: War/Action/Drama/Mystery
Starring: Denzel Washington, Meg Ryan, Matt Damon, Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Moriarty
The medal of honor is the highest military honor awarded by the United States government and is awarded for outstanding bravery and valor at the time of combat. The medal, however, cannot just be given to anyone and a deep research precedes the actual awarding of the medal. Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel Serling (Washington) has been assigned the task to evaluate whether Army Captain Karen Walden should receive the medal of honor who died whilst trying to rescue fellow soldiers. Serling served the army during the Gulf War and had accidentally fired a friendly tank assuming it to be an enemies. The army has kept this information a secret in order to save it’s face but this has affected Serling’s conscious and he finds it extremely difficult to live with that lie. A probe into Walden’s story throws some surprising results with contradictory stories coming from various sources.The army and the government want to go ahead with Walden’s story and gain media attention for awarding it to the first female military person ever but Serling is adamant on digging deep and finding out what really did happen that night. A very interesting movie that showcases the insides of the functioning of military organisations and how after a point, the life of an individual does not matter as much as gaining attention and maintaining an image does. The story became slightly repetitive and a hence a bit boring somewhere in the middle and failed to climax with an interesting twist. At the end it still became another movie which highlights American pride and supremacy and seemed to deviate the point that it was trying to make. It is still a good watch for once but do not expect too much.
Thumbs up: Interesting concept
Thumbs down: Story fails to pan out in the way it should have or it intended to
Rating: 6.4/10
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