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Rush (2013)

Genre: Biography/Historical Event/Sports/Action/Drama
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, Alexandra Maria Lara
Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, it is what almost every racer who controls four wheels aspires to reach and it is also a deathbed for many. Apart from attention, speed and responsiveness, the sport demanded drives to push themselves and their cars to the very edge, almost to the tipping point where there is no coming back once you fall over. Nikki Lauda (Bruhl) and James Hunt (Hemsworth) have gone down in history for being one of the best drivers from the 70’s and their constant on-track rivalry was something that fans yearned to look forward to. Where Lauda was the systematic, meticulous and focused driver, Hunt was the one who had a playboy image and lived an extremely public life. As two different personalities, they were bound to have clashes of ego right from their days of Formula 3 till the time they stayed in F1. The movie charts the journey of these two drivers, their ups and downs and their constant love and hate relationship that they shared. They might be on-track rivals but they soon realised that it is this very rivalry that gets them to go the extra mile, push themselves further and constantly sharpen their skills. The movie is packed with action and adrenaline rushing racing that would definitely thrill any F1 or motor sport enthusiast. Although the movie exaggerates the rivalry between Lauda and Hunt and a few more events, it shows a strong friendship along with an equally strong rivalry between the two. The only downfall in the movie is the occasional personal life stories that take the attention away from the track, perhaps some more on-track escapades could have helped the movie, not that there is anything to complain about. A sure-shot must watch for an F1 fan and a great movie to watch even otherwise.
Thumbs up: Adrenaline rushing action
Thumbs down: Maybe a little less of the personal life stories?
Rating: 7.5/10
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