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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Genre: Drama/Biography/Comedy/Crime
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Kyle Chandler
What do you do when you have so much money you have no idea where to spend it? When you can purchase and do almost every unimaginable thing on the planet and do not know what to do next? Jordon Belfort (DiCaprio) was living that exact same life. From having a mansion at the most expensive piece of land, to owning a fleet of cars, having super-model wife and yet spending time with as many girls as he can, a private yacht with a private chopper, consuming every possible drug there exists and not having the least of the worries in the world; that is the life that Jordon Belfort had to deal with. Starting off as a stock-broker, Jordon realised there is a lot of money to be made in selling penny stocks, stocks of companies that cannot get listed and are usually smaller firms, and sell them to people with a lot of money. He was soon labelled as Wall Street’s Robin Hood who took money from the rich and kept it for himself and for his employees. His outrageous style of working and providing humongous incentives to employees made him more enemies that friends. His office parties included having a huge bunch of semi-naked women, unlimited alcohol and drugs and throwing midgets on a target and seeing who can do best. With so much flamboyance it was only a matter of time when regulatory authorities would knock on the doors of Stratton Oakmont and give Jordon a hard time, a very hard time. Based on a true life story, the movie shows how outrageous some people can get and what money could do to an individual. Leonardo has done a stupendous piece of acting and backed by the equally good Jonah Hill, they duo have managed to make a fabulous movie on sex, drugs, money and Wall Street.
Thumbs up: Amazing acting
Thumbs down: Some might find the nuditiy, vulagrity and over-emphasis of drugs a bit too much
Rating: 8.4/10
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