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Once (2006)

Genre: Drama/Musical/Romance
Starring: Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova
There are movies which boast of a big star cast, complicated stories, special effects, exotic locations, sets, makeup and a host of other things. All of this just to spruce up the experience of the audience whilst watching the movie. And on the other hand, you have movies such as Once which is the exact opposite of everything above. In Dublin, Ireland, a man in his late thirties (Hansard) is an aspiring musician who plays his guitar on street corners. He also helps his dad at a hoover repair shop when he’s not playing on the street. He once had a girlfriend, with whom he has parted ways and she now lives in London. One evening, his songs catch the attention of a young Czech girl (Irglova) who is fascinated with his self-written lyrics. The two quickly become friends and bond over their common love for music. She occasionally plays the piano when she has the time and two start jamming together and realise that they make a good duo. Her husband has left her and her daughter alone in Dublin whilst he is away in Czech Republic. Both of them find a lot in common with each other, music and estranged love lives. This movie is the pure definition of a simplistic movie which has a straight forward storyline and has no frills attached to it. It is a true example of how the most simple of movies can turn out this exceptional. The music in the movie is particularly catchy that adds the true essence to the entire movie. Many a times songs in the movie seem a forced addition but in this case it blends seamlessly to the movie and is brilliant. Don’t let the genre of the movie turn you down, it’s not a sloppy romance but an example of good cinema.
Thumbs up: Amazing sound track, very neat and simple
Thumbs down: Can be a bit slow for those who prefer fast-paced movies
Rating: 7.8/10
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