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Rear Window (1954)

Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller/Drama
Starring: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Themla Ritter, Raymond Burr
A famous professional photographer, L.B. Jefferies (Stewart) broke his leg whilst trying to get a good shot on a racetrack that has left him bed-ridden. A man that enjoys being on the field, for him being stuck at home is a nightmare. Having nothing much to do, Jefferies spends his time looking out of his window and keeping an eye on his neighbours and what they are constantly up to. Lisa Freemont (Kelly) is an extremely beautiful socialite who is in love with Jeff. However, Jeff is of the opinion that Lisa and him would never get along since their lifestyles are completely different. One night, when Lisa and Jeff are discussing about why a future together is or is not possible, Jefferies attention falls on his neighbor Lars Thorwald (Burr). Jefferies has been noticing Thorwald and his wife since a few days and has realised that the two are not quite happy with each other. When Jeff spots Thorwald making trips in the middle of the night with suitcases and his wife suddenly going missing one night, he suspects that something might be wrong. Upon further investigation, Jeff and Lisa are convinced that Thorwald has murdered his wife and has cut her body in pieces to get it disposed. The theory does not go well with Detective Thomas Doyle (Corey) who brings evidence to prove otherwise but Jeff is not convinced. Alfred Hitchcock is famous for his movies on crime and mystery and this movie has been touted as one of his best. In spite of the movie being 60 years old, it still feels as if it was created in today’s modern age and never looks out of place. It manages to conjure a steady thrill and excitement in the audience that is quite amazing. The only downside to the movie is the manner in which the crime was unraveled. Many pieces of evidence and lose strings were not acknowledged and are left hanging with no explanation. Had their been a close to the entire story, it truly would have been a wonderful movie, not saying that it isn’t. A stupendous crime movie that has simplicity and yet the amazing thrill of a Hitchcock.
Thumbs up: Very gripping and interesting
Thumbs down: Story does not close completely.
Rating: 8.1/10
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