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Adam and Eve (2005)

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
Starring: Cameron Douglas, Emmanuelle Chirqui, Chad Lindberg, Jake Hoffman, Brian Klugman, Branden Williams
Have you ever witnessed a movie whose trailer is all that it takes for you to get a hold of the movie? Adam (Douglas), is a college senior and an aspiring musician. By chance he meets Eve (Chirqui) one day and it is love at first sight between them. Adam’s only intention is to get laid with the oh-so-hot Eve but unfortunately she has other plans. Eve is a virgin and doesn’t intend to lose it any soon. The reason is quite simple, she wants it to be the perfect moment that she would remember and not something she would regret. The rest of the movie is pretty simple, Adam keeps trying to woe her and she keeps saying no. And yes, everyone goes home happy towards the end. If there was ever a word for a pointless, cheesy and outright boring movie then this would definitely be it. The acting is extremely stiff, the movie gets boringly repetitive with the constant ‘lets-make-love’ and ‘I-am-not-ready-yet’ situations coming up every now and then. Maybe if the movie used humour to make things better, it might have worked. In their defense, they did use humour but it didn’t quite have the result they hoped it would. If it is a teenage romance comedy that you seek, then this movie is far away from the word ‘entertainment’, to be offered only to your enemies.
Thumbs up: Nada
Thumbs down: Hopeless story, bad acting and almost everything else
Rating: 3.8/10
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