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Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

Genre: Comedy/Adventure/Drama/Musical
Starring: Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, Roger Rees, Amy Yashbeck, Dave Chappelle, Mark Blankfield, Eric Allan Kramer, Matthew Porretta
The legendary tale of Robin Hood has often been narrated by many, in book and in movies. Mel Brooks version of the mythical hero gives things a slightly different edge. Robin (Elwes) has escaped from Jerusalem and is swimming back all the way to England. Robin learns that Prince John (Lewis) has assumed power in England ever since King Richard, his elder brother, has been away at war. John has also seized Robin Hood’s ancestral property of Loxley Hall and has left behind the families blind servant, Blinkin (Blankfield). In a bid to get his property back and to stand up against John’s abuse of power, Robin decides to oust John from the throne and restore order. That was the more serious bit about the movie and here is the not-so-serious bit. Maid Marian has an Everlast branded chastity belt whose key Robin must obtain to make love to her. There is a Sheriff of Rottingham (Rees) (instead of Nottingham) a witch by the name of Latrine and Robin’s sidekick whose name is Achchoo (Chappelle) son of Asneeze. The movie takes pot shots at the Robin Hood story as a whole and other movies which have centered around him. Although on the face of it the movie might seem corny and not quite hilarious, it actually is if you give it some time. There are constant modern day references and a complete disregard for the story simply to make the movie more interesting and funny. It is a decent comedy entertainer that probably won’t throw you out of your seats but can still be funny at times.
Thumbs up: Good light-hearted comedy
Thumbs down: Not LOL funny
Rating: 6.6/10
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