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Stealth (2005)

Genre: Action/War/Science-fiction
Starring: Josh Lucas, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel, Sam Shephard
In order to combat the increasing threat from terrorist activities, the US Navy is developing new technologies of fast, efficient and high-impact air combat vehicles for which it needs pilots specifically trained and capable of carrying this task. Off the 400 applicants, only three were selected. Lt. Ben Gannon (Lucas) also the squad leader, Lt. Cara Wade (Biel) and Lt. Henry Purcell (Foxx) all of whom directly report to Capt. George Cummings (Shephard) the man responsible for this program. The trio are extremely successful in all their missions and all seems to be going well when a new fourth member is introduced. EDI is an unmanned air combat vehicle that is capable of accepting and fulfilling missions without any human interaction. It is aimed to reduce fatalities and increase effectiveness during air strikes. EDI is run by a computer that keeps learning and understanding from it’s surroundings and fellow squad members and it’s environment starts teaching it to over-ride commands and orders and subsequently indulge in missions that it wasn’t authorised to be carrying out. If there ever was a movie that defines cliche, this is it. With so many ‘been-there-done-that’ moments, the movie is a complete failure in the name of innovation. The predictable computer over-riding human commands and going rogue, three best friends that are living the good life and are inseparable, the US Military and it’s cowboy style of behaviour and the usual patriotic arrogance of the USA, this movie has all of these filled to the brim. Yes, the movie has tons of aerial action, things blowing up and lots of adrenaline rushing moments but that does not mean it is a good movie. It might be a good way to waste some time without getting bored but if you are looking for anything that would make you sit up and take notice, this one has none.
Thumbs up: Decent action
Thumbs down: A movie filled with cliches
Rating: 5.6/10
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  • I’ve heard that according to IMDB, this was originally planned to be a live-action Star Fox film, but Rob Cohen couldn’t get the license from Nintendo (obviously because they’re still bitter after the car crash that was the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie).

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