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Mean Machine (2001)

Genre: Sports/Drama/Comedy
Starring: Vinnie Jones, David Kelly, Jason Statham, James Sives, Danny Dyer, David Hemmings, Ralph Brown, Vas Blackwood, Robbie Gee
The former captain of the English football team, Danny ‘Mean Machine’ Meehan (Jones) is sent to prison for drunk driving, assaulting two police officers and traffic violations. Danny was sacked from the English team after allegations of match-fixing in a match against Germany and has ever since lost his reputation. Danny’s strategy in prison is to keep his head down and let a year go by after which he would plead for parole or an early relief. The prison governor, however, has other plans for him. The governor wants him to coach the wardens team, instead Danny offers to coach a team of prison inmates who would go up against the wardens in a practice match. Danny has quite a task cut out since he is not very popular with the inmates. Many idolised him, lost money in the game or just purely hated him to not co-operate with him. Training a bunch of misfits who have no prior experience of professional football was a task that Danny was willing to take on, just to redeem himself. The movie is a British remake of the 1974 film The Longest Yard with only replacing soccer with American Football. Vinnie Jones, with his professional football career to help him, fits the role perfectly and does a splendid job in the movie. Although the movie in itself does not have much to offer, is highly predictable and not quite entertaining, Vinnie Jones makes a genuine effort to make it more appealing. A decent movie which would especially appeal to soccer fans but nothing more.
Thumbs up: Vinnie Jones
Thumbs down: Nothing exciting to look forward to
Rating: 6.4/10
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