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PK (2014)

Genre: Science-fiction/Drama/Comedy
Starring: Aamir Khan, Saurabh Shukla, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput, Boman Irani, Sanjay Dutt
Every once in a while there comes across a movie in Bollywood that everyone stands up to notice and appreciate and most often, that movie features Aamir Khan in some manner or the other. Religion has been a long debated topic with lots of wars being fought for centuries altogether. Pk attempts to showcase how the entire concept of religion has been diluted in the face of gaining money and power which only leads to violence and a division of society. A world where everyone is born human, religion is the first man-made concept that decides our future fate. From a distant and far planet, P.K. is an alien who lands in Rajasthan, India in a bid to communicate with humans and understand their life. P.K. comes from a world where the beings do not wear any clothes, communicate only by reading each others minds, and can hence never lie, and do not have any concept of boundaries and divisions in a socio-political landscape. P.K., a representation of purity, innocence and truth, is mesmerised by our world where all 3 of these fail to exist in a basic society. His talisman, remote control to summon his spaceship gets stolen, without which he can never go back to his world and would be stuck here forever. His desperation to get his remote back embroils him with religion where people told him to pray to god and do a whole lot of things to get his wish fulfilled, none of which ever got fulfilled. Here, he encounters Jaggat Janani aka Jaggu (Sharma) a journalist who is intrigued by his story and offers to help him out. P.K. tries to highlight some basic flaws in religion and in our society, many of which are taken for granted. People would hate somebody from another religion but love them will all their heart if they belonged to some other. Religion is not something we were born with but something we were told and made to follow, blindly. The movie in itself is good and have some very humorous and interesting moments. Much of this humour is confined to the first half and drama and romance soon take over the second half which is where the movie loses it’s speed and appeal. Apart from Aamir Khan, the movie does not really have anything exceptional to look forward except for the heated debated that can arise amongst the audience right after it gets over.
Thumbs up: Aamir Khan and his superb acting skills
Thumbs down: Boring second half, movie seems to lose charm steadily
Rating: 8.0/10
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  • Your art to confine the whole story in a para is remarkable.
    I agree with the remarks made for Thumbs down but I beg to differ with Thumbs up. Acting of Aamir Khan was very ordinary. It was the character which was getting acting from Aamir Khan. His Bhojpuri accent was not at all good. Accent of Govinda ( see movie Aankhen 1993) , Amitabh Bacchan ( See Don – old movie ) is far better than of Aamir. It was quite visible that deliberately a person is trying to speak Bhojpuri while he does not know. A person who gets Bhojpuri transmitted from a whore must speak like her but Aamir Khan’s accent was very basic , not even near to 30%. Great actors like Sauarbh Shukla and Boman were under utilised !! the discussion over religion was very very basic and does not reach up to a level where one should agree that Raju Hirani has beat Sanatan Dharm philosophy. The only good thing directors did that , they di d not comment much on Islam , otherwise the movie could face certain hardships. The movie was very ordinary !! However, the goodwill of 3 idiots was carried forward , Raju Hirani / Vinod Chopra grabbed the opportunity. The subject was borrowed from Oh My God !! I think there is an idea dead lock and the downfall of the director producers here starts if they do not rejuvenate!!

  • pk is Revolutionary movie because it has saw many wrong thinks of our society. I feel enjoy when i saw. pk is a great movie of the sanctuary. I thank full to you for this great movie.


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