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Raven (2012)

Raven (2012)

Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller

Starring: John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson, Kevin McNalley, Sam Hazeldine

Edgar Allan Poe is one of America’s most recognised and famous poet’s whose life was not as merry as many would have imagined it to be. Poe lived the life on alcoholic who was constantly scrambling to make a living from his literature. He is one of the earliest known writer to have tried to live a life simply living off the money earned by his works and nothing else. This often got him into debts and trouble, something that he always struggled with. Poe died a sudden and cruel death, the cause of which is unknown till date. The Raven tries to re-create Edgar Allan Poe’s (Cusack) death with a fictionalised murder mystery involving a serial killer. Poe’s works gained true recognition only years after his death and during his living years, he was shunned by the American media which failed to make him too much money. When a murder takes place under unusual circumstances, the investigating officer, Inspector Emmett Fields (Evans) realises that the entire murder has been the exact same way as one of Poe’s books and summons him for questioning. Poe is in love with Emily Hamilton (Eve) who belongs to an extremely elite and influential family but her father despises Poe and refuses to let them marry. When Emily is kidnapped by the murderer and kept hidden, Poe and Fields are led on a wild goose chase of murders and clues and must eventually reach Emily before she dies. The only way to make a murder mystery truly gripping is to ensure that the plot and climax is unpredictable, which in this case is not. The entire serial murder plot seems less convincing and highly improbable, coupled with John Cusack’s bad acting and being a complete misfit for the role. Having said that, not everything about the movie is unconvincing and a single watch can be warranted for those who enjoy murder mysteries. Don’t expect something exceptionally brilliant and don’t be too surprised if you manage to figure out the murder way before the movie itself.

Thumbs up: Decent attempt at re-writing Poe’s story

Thumbs down: Bad acting, lose plot

Rating: 6.5/10

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