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Dorm Daze (2003)

Dorm Daze (2003)

Dorm Daze


Genre: Comedy/Drama


Starring: (various)


There are far too many movies out there who simply want to be the next big sex comedy after American Pie. The formula for this is extremely simple, lots of topless college girls, sex, alcohol, college students and horny guys. The story is the outcome of what happens when these ingredients are put together. This movie is a pure jumble between far too many people. When a hired prostitute and a foreign exchange student with the same name enter the boys dormitory but end up meeting the person they were not supposed to meet, all hell breaks lose. The movie is a torment with absolutely no sensible story bought together by a bunch on inexperienced actors. If you are extremely interested in seeing a bunch of sex-fueled college students in a movie that makes very little sense, then this, in an extremely weird manner, is the perfect movie for you. I don’t think it is fair to have any kind of expectations from a movie of this kind.


Thumbs up: (does not exist)

Thumbs down: The entire movie as a whole


Rating: 3.2/10

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