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Ted (2012)

Ted (2012)



Genre: Comedy/Drama/Fantasy


Starring: Seth MacFarlane (voice), Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis


As a child we all love our toys. We never want to lose them, forget them and promise to love them all our lives, a promise that if we had to hold true may just be our biggest regret ever. A young John Bennett does not have too many friends and hence his parents decide to gift him a giant teddy bear to give him company. He calls the bear Ted (MacFarlane) and wishes him to come to life, and who knew that the wish would turn out to be true. Ted comes to life much to the amazement of his parents and soon the entire world. Fast forward to an adult John (Wahlberg) who is still living with Ted together. The two have become inseparable friends and regularly get drunk, party, watch TV, do insane things, get high on dope, have one-night stands and a whole of other things unimaginable. Lori Collins (Kunis) is John’s girlfriend who although understands John and Ted’s relationship but feels that Ted needs to go if John is to move on and lead a normal life. John is left with making a choice between Lori and Ted, and although he wants to chose Ted he too knows that living all his life with Ted is probably not a very good idea. The movie is an insane laugh riot and the ultimate drunk/stoner movie to watch. Most comedy movies tend to keep you glued and rolling with laughter for the first half an hour and then soon get to the more serious and not-so-funny parts. The good thing about Ted is that the movie keeps you on the edge and entertained till the very last moment. The whole character of Ted and the relationship that John and Ted share is extremely insane and very funny. A great movie to watch for laughs.


Thumbs up: Amazing humour

Thumbs down: Nothing in particular, it does what it tries to do


Rating: 8.1/10

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