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National Lampoon’s Senior Trip (1995)

National Lampoon’s Senior Trip (1995)

National Lampoon's Senior Trip


Genre: Comedy/Drama/Adventure


Starring: Jeremy Renner, Matt Frewer, Valarie Mahaffey, Lawrence Dane, Tommy Chong, Rob Moore, Eric Edwards, Kevin McDonald, Michael Blake, Tara Charendoff, Nicole DeBoer, Sergio Di Zio, Fiona Loewi, Kathyrn Rose, Danny Smith


When you see the words ‘National Lampoon’ on the top of a movie, you pretty much are aware of what to expect. A bunch of sex-obsessed teenagers, lots of alcohol, comedy that falls flat on its face and a story that hardly matters. This movie is no different from the rest, however, it banks on a decently interesting story with some bits of comedy actually making you laugh. Mark ‘Dags’ D’Agastino (Renner) is the schools laid back guy who is simply trying to impress women rather than doing anything good with his life. Mark decides that it is a good idea to throw a party at Principal Moss’ (Frewer) house when he wasn’t in and that too without his permission. When Moss finds out, he detains the entire bunch and makes them write a letter to the President, talking about the problems in todays education system. A US Senator learns of Moss’ punishment to the children and decides to visit the school. He invites all of the students to Washington to present their letter to the senate and rally for the Presidents new education reform bill. The students picked are all misfits who don’t stand a chance in giving a proper speech and the senator is doing so just to discredit the President. What ensues is a road trip which comprises of a pot head, a nerd, a slut, a lesbian, a doped bus driver, an extremely obese student, Mark, his love interest Lisa Perkins (Loewi), Marks best friend Reggie (Moore), Principal Moss, another school teacher and some more students. Like I said, the movie does fine till the time the climax arrives and that is where it simply falls flat on its face. The movie needs the award for the most over-dramatic, clichéd and stupid climax ever and had the movie perhaps made the effort to end it in a more suitable manner, perhaps the movie might have just been worth it. The biggest surprise; Jeremy Renner playing the lead role when he was a teenage actor. It shows how much the man has come from being what he played to what he does now.


Thumbs up: Mildly interesting story

Thumbs down: Very bad climax


Rating: 5.5/10

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