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The Revenant (2015

The Revenant (2015

The Revenant


Genre: Adventure/Drama/Biography


Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, Forrest Goodluck


If you thought Batman and Superman were invincible, you haven’t met Mr. Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) yet. He can survive an attack by Indians where 90% of his people are killed and then gets mauled by a Grizzly bear, twice. Is left to die by his troops but miraculously survives. Escapes another Indian attack and yet another one (remember he got mauled by a Grizzly, twice, and can’t really walk, let alone run). Falls down a cliff, is battered by tree branches and lands in a river. Survives an attack by the French and manages to crawl, stumble, walk hundreds of miles in the frigid snow to reach his base. Set in the 19th century, a group of White American traders are collecting pelt in the Northern Plains when they get attacked by a tribe of Indians. The tribe leader believes that they have held his daughter hostage and are trying to rescue her. The traders are led by Captain Andrew Henry (Gleeson) and Mr. Glass (DiCaprio) as their guide and tracker. A handful of men survive the attack and escape on a boat, and on the advice of Glass, decide to take a detour to avoid more Indians. John Fitzgerald despises Glass and is half-Indian son Hawke (Goodluck) and believes that Glass is hatching a plot with the Indians to steal the pelt. One morning, Glass gets mauled by a Grizzly bear, and is extremely injured. The Captain decides to leave him behind under the care of Hawke and a young boy, Bridger (Poulter). Fitzgerald decides to stay behind too as long as he gets paid $300 for looking after Glass. The movie is a typical Oscar winner and has it written all over. Had it not been for DiCaprio, perhaps the movie would have bombed and been a total disaster. Yes, his acting was good but he has done much better in the past. Half the movie was him lying injured simply groaning and mumbling. However, the story is far too unrealistic and considering the way he got attacked by that bear, it’s a bit of a surprise that he survived and was able to do what the movie showed he did. However, it is the story of the love of a father towards his son, something which may not come out as obvious but something you would realise only on introspecting about the movie. You may want to watch it simply to know why he got the Oscar, but otherwise not something very unique in my opinion.


Thumbs up: A good depiction of will-power and strength

Thumbs down: Very unrealistic


Rating: 6.9/10

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