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Striptease (1996)

Striptease (1996)



Genre: Drama


Starring: Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds, Armand Assante, Ving Rhames, Rumer Willis, Robert Patrick


A classic example of a movie that made the leading cast members extremely famous and made the movie financially successful but critically not so much. Demi Moore has been a famous sex-icon of the 1990’s so when a movie was announced with her playing the lead role of  stripper with some very risque scenes, it was a formula guaranteed to succeed. Erin Grant (Moore) was working as a secretary for the FBI when suddenly her husband criminal activities made her lose her job. He subsequently filed for divorce and wanted custody of their daughter Angela (Willis) on the grounds that Erin didn’t have a job and had to resort to working as a stripper to make ends meet. Erin loved her daughter and realised that her husband is bribing his way to have Angela so that he can continue conning people. A US Congressman David Dillbeck (Reynolds) once watches Erin perform and instantly falls in love with her flawless body and requests her for a private show. With the elections around the corner, the Congressman’s office is concerned that his obsession with Erin would become public and eventually ruin his reputation. Erin, on the other hand, intends to use the Congressman to get custody of her daughter and throw her husband in jail. The movie is not remembered for it’s acting or story but simply for Demi Moore. Having a physique as flawless as hers and that too after giving birth to her daughter is simply amazing. The movie is far too predictable and can get very boring at some point too, Moore is probably the only motivation to continue watching it.


Thumbs up: Demi Moore’s fantastic body

Thumbs down: Predictable story, bad acting


Rating: 5.2/10

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