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Kynodontas (2009)

Kynodontas (2009)



Genre: Drama


Starring: Christos Stergioglou, Michelle Valley, Angeliki Papoulia, Mary Tsoni, Christos Passalis, Anna Kalaitzidou


English title: Dogtooth. Set in Greece, a middle aged family man (Stergioglou) has a very unusual way in bringing up his children and family. His three children, the eldest daughter (Papoulia), younger daughter (Tsoni) and his son (Passalis), lived locked in their house and have been living like that ever since. Although they are now young adults, they are still treated and behave like young teenagers since their minds has not been allowed to mature. There is no news and information allowed inside the house, no newspapers, radio or cable TV. There is no reference to the outside world and they have been taught that even stepping outside their homes can be disastrous. Every label on each product is removed before it comes inside and the children are fed lies on a regular basis. No visitors except for Christina (Kalaitzidou), a security guard who works at the fathers workplace, who is paid by the father to have sex with his son on a regular basis so that he can unleash his sexual tensions. Just like the household, that live and function a robotic life, the movie too is very robotic in making and that probably has been done on purpose to impress upon the audience the life that the children have been leading. Performances by the three children are phenomenal and outstanding since it is very hard for a mature actor to play the role of an immature teenager. The movie in itself is very dry and slow but at the same time informative on how the simple act of locking up children at home can impact their lives and the way they think. A great movie if you give it that time and patience it really needs.


Thumbs up: Brilliant performances

Thumbs down: Very dry and robotic, not for all


Rating: 7.0/10

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