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Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Fifty Shades of Grey


Genre: Romance/Drama


Starring: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan


Based on a book that got all the women in the world to giggle and blush in a corner, Fifty Shades of Grey can easily be passed as a softcore porn movie. Christian Grey (Dornan) is a rich, young and successful businessman who only wears grey, insists all of his staff to wear grey and everything in his house and surroundings are in hues of grey. Anastasia Steel (Johnson) is your next-door, average looking girl who, like every other woman on the planet, falls in love with Christian Grey. Grey, however, leads a very lonely life and does not let anyone into his thoughts. His sex life, is far from normal and prefers more painful, sadistic and hardcore form of love-making rather than the conventional romantic form. Anastasia, on the other hand, has never experienced even normal sexual activity and has no idea what she is getting into. What she does know is that she is madly in love with Grey but somehow they are far too incompatible to survive. Many fans of the booked have criticised the movie in failing to bring out the true essence of the book and focusing far too much on the sex. The casting choices too have received negative feedback with many stating that Jamie Dornan is not the character that the book portrays. The story of the entire movie seems very wobbly with the focus only being on the relationship between Christian and Anastasia with no other parallel stories or anything different to materialise between the duo. It is easy to get bored in the movie after having to watch the same story simply repeating itself. The movie ends on a very abrupt manner and those who haven’t read the book or know anything about it would never imagine a sequel to be possible. If you’re looking for a hardcore romance movie, stay away. This is porn.


Thumbs up: Trying to open up the idea that BDSM is an accepted form of expressing love

Thumbs down: Bad acting


Rating: 5.4/10

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